Peoples of the world with Evo

Pueblos del mundo con Evo
Peoples of the world with Evo (Anti-Imperialist Organizations and Individuals for Evo Morales and Bolivia)

We, allied anti-imperialist organizations and individuals across the world condemn the rightwing coup against indigenous president Evo Morales that forced him and other members of the Bolivian government to resign. This coup is being undertaken to inflict the worst kind of violence upon class-conscious, indigenous revolutionaries who, under the banner of indigenous socialism, have forged the path toward self-determination and peace.

To this day, no evidence exists to demonstrate that the October 20 elections which Evo Morales won were fraudulent. As early as one day later – on October 21 – the Organization of American States (OAS) released a public statement in an attempt to discredit the election results without any supporting evidence. For all its claims of multilateralism and diversity, the OAS receives a disproportionate amount of its funding from Washington DC.

This is not the first time that the United States Government engaged in a coup in Latin America. This is not the first time that the U.S. government fully supported a member of the local economic and political elite whose aim is to restore the ruling elite bloc’s policies which are hostile to the interests of the majority.

Evo Morales’ rival, former Bolivian President Carlos Mesa, an agent of the Washington D.C. based think-tank, the Inter-American Dialogue, and a political figure known for his hostility towards indigenous socialism and partiality to multinational big business has the qualifications of an ideal imperialist comprador.

The contributions of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) – under the leadership of Evo Morales – enjoys enormous support from the indigenous population and the working class of Bolivian society. Its contributions to the political and economic advancements of Bolivia through the painstaking economic and cultural empowerment of indigenous people and workers is well known and is inspiring, especially at this time of neoliberal attacks on the world’s working people.

We stand together in unity with Bolivian workers, peasants, and indigenous people in their struggle against U.S. intervention and economic imperialism. We strongly condemn the comprador elite in Bolivia who are agents of U.S. imperialism. We are prepared to reinforce all efforts to bring the perpetrators of violence to justice, may it be in the form of support for our Bolivian friends and comrades and/or an international people’s tribunal that will hold the culprits in this electoral destabilization and rightist coup fully accountable for their crimes against humanity.

El mundo con Evo, so are we!

U.S. hands off Bolivia!
Defend the right to self-determination!
Defend the people’s right to live in peace!


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Initiating Organizations and Individuals:
Anakbayan USA,
BAYAN (New Patriotic Alliance) Philippines,
Black Workers for Justice,
Candidatura d’Unitat Popular Països Catalans,
Coordinadora Nacional Sindical y Social (CNUSS-Guatemala),
Covert Action Magazine (USA),
Frente Populare (Italy),
Frente Popular Revolucionario (FPR Mexico),
Fundación Amancio (Guatemala),
International League of Peoples’ Struggle-Australia (ILPS),
ILPS Canada,
ILPS Philippines,
ILPS Commission 1 The cause of national liberation, democracy and social liberation against imperialism and all reaction,
ILPS Commission 11 Struggle of teachers and other education workers against imperialism and for an alternative future,
International Women’s Alliance,
Inti Barrios: Costureras de Sueños (Mexico),
Juventud Socialistas del Perú,
Journal of Labor and Society,
May Day Committee (Melbourne Australia),
Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM),
New Afrikan People’s Organization (NAPO),
New York Boricua Resistance,
New York Peace Council,
October Revolution Centenary (New York City),
Philippines-Bolivarian Venezuela Friendship Association,
Potere al Popolo (Italy),
Proles of the Roundtable (USA),
Regional Council of Africans in the Americas,
Union of Cypriots,
Carol Araullo – Chair, BAYAN Philippines,
Alessio Arena – Fronte Popolare,Italy ,
Christopher Connery, Professor, University of California Santa Cruz,
Diego Gullotta, Professor of Sociology, PRC ,
Giuliano Granato- National Coordination,Potere al Popolo, Italy ,
Andrew Kahn, Voice of América Blog ,
Liza Maza – Secretary-General, International League of Peoples’ Struggle ,
Mateo Bernabé López Pérez, Coordinadora nacional sindical y social, Guatemala ,
Florentino López Martiznéz, Frente Popular Revolucionario Mexico ,
Immanuel Ness – author, Southern Insurgency: The Coming of the Gobal,
Working Class (2016)and Chair, New York Peace Council ,Ben Norton, journalist, USA ,
Paloma Polo – filmmaker, Spain ,
Sarah Raymundo – Chair, Philippines-Boliviarian Venezuela Friendship Association ,
Renato Reyes Jr., Secretary-General BAYAN-Philippines ,
Akinyele Umoja,author,We Will Shoot Back: Armed Resistance in the Mississippi Freedom Movement (2013) ,
Samuel Villatoro, Fundación Amancio,Guatemala,

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